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W/C 1st June 2020

Year 4 Weekly Update              Week commencing 1st June 2020

Please find below the suggested timetable of activities to provide some structure over the next week if you wish to follow it.  Please be aware that lots of these resources are on our school website. Please choose subjects you enjoy doing but try to also do subjects you may find more of a challenge too; you can share your sense of achievement with us! You do not have to cover all of these tasks and you don’t need to complete each task as if it is one lesson – take them as far as you would like to on one day, then you can come back and continue with them the next day.

 As always, please use our email address to keep in contact with us. (Take a look at our website gallery to see a selection of the work)










Read for 15 minutes and practise your spellings or any other way.

Read for 15 minutes and practise your spellings or any other way.

Read for 15 minutes and practise your spellings or any other way.

Read for 15 minutes and practise your spellings or any other way.

Read for 15 minutes and practise your spellings or any other way.


This week we would really like you to revisit time. It has been lovely hearing from so many parents about how well their children have been getting on with learning to tell the time, so many of you have bought an analogue watch too – brilliant!

Again, we would normally carry out an informal assessment to see where you are at and then set activities accordingly. Since this isn’t possible we are asking parents to help us out again to assess where your child is at and then decide which work to set. Our focus this week is going to be on converting digital to analogue and analogue to digital.

The following websites are great or Snappy Maths is perhaps the better of the two websites for this task. PLEASE DON’T PRINT THE SHEETS OFF. Your child can learn from the screen and discussing time with you is so much more valuable! Even ten minutes a day will help.

On the Snappy Maths website at the bottom of the page there are also lots of time related interactive games. Have fun!

Practise your x12 if you are a monkey or revisit x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10 if you are a penguin on hit the button

English / Topic

This week we will be learning about food chains.

Look at the Lesson Presentation on Food Chains and have a go at the task ‘Interpreting Food Chains’ where you have to find meanings of words.

Now you understand a food chain, have a go at creating your own food chain that is found on land. Then have another go at creating a food chain found in the ocean.

Remember to send in a picture of your work to the Year 4 email address.

Today we are going to look at the difference between a food chain and a food web. Watch the following clip.

Have a go at designing your own food web now

Today we are going to look at how animals have adapted to the environment they live in. Watch the following clip.

Design your own unique animal and label its features to show how it is suited to environment it lives in.

Imagine you are an explorer and you have stumbled across the animal you created yesterday, it has never been seen before! How exciting!


Write or type a description of your new animal along with the name you have given it. Explain how the features it has are suited to the environment.


Email your work into school for us to see.

You can find Madame Dale’s weekly French tasks here

If you don’t have access to a computer or printer, feel free to contact school as we can have a pack printed off and ready for you to collect at the start of the week.

Our website has folders with all of the worksheets you will need. You do not need to print them all off, just choose the sheets you will need.