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W/C 29th June 2020

Year 4 Weekly Update             Week commencing 29th June 2020








Read and practise your spellings on SPELLING SHED or any other way.


Read for 15 minutes and practise your spellings

Read for 15 minutes and practise your spellings

Read for 15 minutes and practise your spellings

Read for 15 minutes and practise your spellings




Both groups

Have a look at the Fun Measuring Challenges and try at least 5. I’m really curious to know if spaghetti is the same length raw as when it is cooked!

Both groups

The Vitruvian Man investigation.

Once you have tried the measurements out on yourself, try them on other family members to see who fits Leonardo da Vinci’s theory.

Both groups

Today we are looking at litres and millilitres. There are three levels of ability sheets enclosed for you to have a go at, they get harder as they go along. See how many you can do.


Both groups

Today we are looking at grams and kilograms. There two sheets for you to have a go at. Then if you have scales at home, choose 10 items to weigh, estimate what you think they would be first. How close are your estimations?

Both groups

Weighing and measuring in practise - choose a recipe to follow where you have to weigh the ingredients and put your skills to use.

Also practise your times tables whilst your recipe is baking/cooking.

Practise mixed tables daily on if you are a Monkey

Practise your x3 and x5  tables daily on if you are a Penguin


Please write your Pupil Report comment as soon as possible for us to put in your reports. See the attached sheet and email it to us.


English / Topic



Madame Dale’s weekly French task is here

4W have already done some work on states of matter (solid, liquid, gases) as we did our science in a different order. So 4W you can use this as revision and do some extra research if you want to.

Watch the film, play the activity and try the quiz.

Task: Make a chart with 3 columns labelled solids, liquids and gases. Put as many materials as you can into each category. Google anything that you are not sure about (shaving foam?).



What is freezing and melting?

Watch the film, play the activity and try the quiz.

Task: You will need to ask an adult to help you with this.

Find some substances to melt (microwave works well). See what happens when you melt them. You could try marshmallows, chocolate, butter etc.

For each one write down what happens and note down also what happens when they cool.

Ask if you can try freezing some household items (eggs, honey?).

Try to pick things that you wouldn’t usually freeze.

The Water Cycle


You should be experts at this having already learned about the water cycle! Use this to help you see evaporation and condensation in action in your house.


Watch the film, play the activity and try the quiz.


Task: look for evidence of evaporation and condensation in your house. Try the kitchen and the bathroom (after a shower/cooking). You could take photos as evidence or just write about what you find. Please make sure there is no-one in the shower when you start taking photos!




Religious Education:

 Beautiful World

Write a description of what you can see out of your window. Make it really detailed. If you want you could write about a view that you remember from a holiday.

You could start:

From my window I can see the tall stems of multi-coloured flowers rocking in the gentle breeze. Above the flower beds …

From my window I can see a couple taking a walk with a baby in a pushchair. Behind them a red car passes with one passenger dressed in a nurse’s uniform.

Prepositions will be useful: behind, in front, above, below, between, beside …

Animal Art

Try a drawing tutorial on YouTube pick an animal (it could be one that you are interested in or one that you have seen in your garden). Send photos in for us to see. I like this one!

Ask an adult to test you on this week’s spellings.


Email your photos to


If you don’t have access to a computer or printer, feel free to contact school as we can have a pack printed off and ready for you to collect at the start of the week. Our website has all of the worksheets you will need. You do not need to print them all off, just choose the sheets you will need or work from the screen and use good old pencil and paper or record things electronically.