Year 5

Year 5 Weekly Update              Week commencing 1st June 2020

Hello Year 5, we hope you are all well and you have all enjoyed a very bright and sunny half term week at home. We will continue with our theme of India for this final summer term and we once again, look forward to receiving your messages, your collections of work & photographs to share the fun things you have been up to. A massive thank you for all the hard work you are doing, it always gives us a huge smile when we hear from you. We are very much missing you all.

Please use our email address to keep in contact – please remember we are always here to support you.

Please find below the suggested timetable of activities to provide some structure over the next week if you wish to follow it.  Please be aware that lots of these resources are on our school website, within the associated subject folder. Please choose subjects you enjoy doing, but try to also do subjects you may find more of a challenge too, you can share your sense of achievement with us! You do not have to cover all of these tasks and you don’t need to complete each task as if it is one lesson – take them as far as you would like to on one day, then you can come back and continue with them the next day.


      Spelling & Grammar  

         Reading Comprehension


Year 5 The Secret Agent Week 5

Be prepared for a long, but exciting, journey to southern India in pursuit of your next clue.

Please spread this week’s ‘Secret Agent’ work over 3 days.  Remember to spend time talking about the video and planning your work before you start writing. Just as we have done in previous weeks.

Spend the other two days of the week on the grammar and comprehension tasks


Madame Dale’s Weekly French task is here too!



This week’s Spelling Lists are available here:

Spelling Shed.

Our Grammar Activity for this week is focusing in on the world of idioms.

Understanding Idioms

For our Reading Comprehension task, take a look at this short animated film:

Taking the Plunge Animation

Next, have a go at this task:

Taking the Plunge – Problem – Solution – Sequencing Task.


Mrs Wicks/Mrs Nicholl’s group

Please use this link to access your work:

The Hurdling Hexagons

Mr Handley/Mrs Wicks’ group

 The Skiing Stars

We are taking a brief departure from this week’s White Rose Maths, please follow the link below to access this week’s work:

Weekly timetable

Mr Spowage’s group

The Cycling Cylinders

White Rose Maths Summer Term Week 6

White Rose Maths Worksheets

Please note – White Rose worksheets and videos are now available on the school website

Don’t forget to keep practising using your mental maths skills using Maths Shed,


Rangoli Art


 Your work as a secret agent has taught you a lot about the human and physical geography of India.

 Your first task this week is to revise this knowledge. (Please feel free to research any facts to allow you to complete this.)  

India Fact File

We now need to think about how we could travel to India and the routes we may choose to take according to which mode of transport.

Travelling to India

 Here is a link to watch some of the places you might experience if you chose to...

Travel around India

Lastly, let’s search for some cities…

Indian Cities Wordsearch

Diwali is one of the most important and colourful of the Indian festivals. It is a festival of joy, splendour, brightness and happiness. The rangoli patterns are drawn near the entrance to a house to encourage the goddess of wealth to enter the house.

Please read All About Rangoli here.

This week’s art and craft activity will depend on the resources you have available at home. You can choose to do one or both of the tasks.

We would love to see a photo of your Rangoli creations.

Rangoli Colouring Sheets


Coloured Salt Rangoli Craft 


Pattern Outlines


In school we have been completing the daily live workout by Joe Wicks at 9 – 9:30am. It’s a great way to start the day.

You can always catch up with the live recordings later or look at his 5 or 8 minute workouts on his YouTube page.

You may also want to look at doing some children’s Yoga to give a peaceful moment to your day.





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