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w/c 29th June 2020

Hurdling Hexagons                                                                                                   WB 29.6.20

If you find any questions difficult after having had a go at it, feel free to move on to the next question. Alternatively you can email us and ask for some assistance.







Learning Objective

To order a set of angles

To classify different angles

To measure accurately with a protractor

To calculate missing angles in a triangle

To calculating angles on a straight line


Video Links

Ordering Angles

BBC Bitesize What is an angle?

Angle Song

White Rose Measure with a protractor

BBC Bitesize Reading Protractors

BBC Bitesize Angles in a Triangle

Finding the 3rd angle

White Rose Calculating angles on a straight line


Lesson 1

Ordering Angles



Lesson 2

Acute, obtuse and right angles

Lesson 3

 Measuring with a protractor (protractor included on the task sheet)

Lesson 3 Answers

Lesson 4

Calculating the missing angles in a triangle (see below)

Lesson 4 Answers

Extension Task

Lesson 5

Calculating angles on a straight line

Lesson 5 Answers

Suggested Questions

 There are three levels to this task – please choose the level you feel most confident away.


Remember to use a corner of a piece of paper (or a set square if you have one?) to compare the angles to a perfect right-angle. This will help you see if the angle is greater or less than 90˚

Please complete questions 1 – 5


Challenge Question

question 6

*For question 9 – remember that with an isosceles triangle, the two base angles of a triangle are the same.*


Extension Task – for extra practice with measuring using a protractor too.

Please complete questions 1 – 3


Challenge Questions

4 - 8